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Stay sharp and never stop learning!

I offer training workshops for practitioners looking to step up their game and expand on their existing skill sets. Workshops can be combined and tailored to the individual and always include a signed, sealed and embossed certificate upon completion. Group rates available. Workshop prices vary. Email for pricing.
Available Workshops
  • Body Suspension Rigging Safety
  • Body Modification Safety & Complications Troubleshooting
  • The Ongoing History of Modern Body Modification
  • Introduction to the World of Tech Implants
  • Basic Body Piercing Techniques & Theory
  • Advanced Body Piercing Techniques & Theory
  • Adult Body Piercing Techniques & Theory
  • Freehand Piercing Techniques & Theory
  • Punch and Taper Techniques & Theory
  • Surface Piercing Techniques & Theory
  • Dermal Anchoring Techniques & Theory
  • Flesh Stapling Techniques & Theory
  • Play Piercing Techniques & Safety for Kinksters
  • Basic Scarification Techniques & Theory
  • Advanced Scarification Techniques & Theory
  • Sterilization Room Flow & Protocol Upgrading
  • Custom seminars available upon request