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Scleral Staining

These are some examples of stained scleras at varied stages of healing to fully healed. Often referred to as “eyeball tattoos”; scleral staining is not actually tattooing at all. It is an injection process that requires minimal trauma to each eye through just a single, small injection site; allowing a sterile carrier and biocompatible pigment to disperse and spread over the entire sclera while leaving the functional anatomy of the eye unaffected. This process is virtually painless, heals in about a week and remains suspended under the conjunctival layer of the eye; permanently.

This process was first invented in Toronto, ON in 2007. After first waiting out and watching 5 years of procedural advancements, then following my initial training in 2011, through over 350 sets of eyes, I have refined my technique to the unprecedented level of safety that it is at today.