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Bookings Are Now Open for the #2023SpringCanadaCyborgTour

For bookings, inquiries and info, email

TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT: The #2023SPRINGCANADACYBORGTOUR is scheduled, locked, loaded and booking up fast!

The Pacific Ocean has called and 2023 has brought me back to call Van City home once again!

Since my home base is now again the West coast, I will be commencing my pre-Covid spring and fall Canadian tour routines; with my upcoming spring tour running from Apr 15 – Jul 30! This tour will hit every city from Vancouver, BC to St. John’s, NL and back; hitting each city twice and giving you all two opportunities to catch me for that modification you’ve been dreaming about! It’s time to make magic happen!

Dates are now finalized, so get your bookings in while you can! Demand is high and my time is limited, Canada!

For bookings, inquiries and info, email

I am working diligently to get caught up with booking emails on my own, so please bear with me and show patience while I’m in the process of answering new booking emails as well as scheduling out my existing deposited bookings. If you haven’t heard from me in a month or more since reaching out, please do poke me again by sending another email and putting yourself at the top of the email list.

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Western Canada Round 2 & The Whistler Suspension Retreat Registration Now Open!

Ask and you shall receive, Western Canada!

My #2022WesternCanadaCyborgTour was in such high demand and went so well that I’m doing a mini version of it to keep up with demand!

The RISE Suspension Crew is hosting the annual Whistler Suspension Camping Retreat from Jul 8-10 2022 (earlybird arrival Jul 7). Email to apply and register for your suspension experience before registration is full!

Bookings are now open for all forms of body modification work from Ontario to British Columbia and back during Jun 30– Jul 28 2022. Email for information, price quotes or to go ahead and get your booking locked in before all of my available time slots in your area fill up!

Please note that a few body modifications are scheduled for necessary rate increases for bookings deposited from July 1 2022 forward including pointing, splits and a few others. To avoid these rate increases affecting you, please email to get your booking deposited and locked in at the old rates.

Bookings are now live for my #2022WesternCanadaCyborgTour!

My bookings are now open for all forms of body modification work from Ontario to British Columbia and back during Apr 18 – Jun 8 2022. Email for information, price quotes or to go ahead and get your booking locked in before all of my available time slots in your area fill up!

Western Canada cyborg guest visit dates for spring 2022:

Thunder Bay, ON: Apr 17 – Apr 18
Winnipeg, MB: Apr 19 – Apr 22
Brandon & Virden, MB: Apr 22 – Apr 23
Regina, SK: Apr 23 – Apr 25
Saskatoon, SK: Apr 25 – Apr 27
Lloydminster, AB: Apr 27 – Apr 28
Edmonton, AB: Apr 28 – May 1
Calgary, AB: May 1 – May 4
Vernon, BC: May 4 – May 5
Kelowna, BC: May 5 – May
Vancouver, BC: May 8 – May 20
Kelowna, BC: May 20 – May 22
Enderby, BC: May 22 – May 23
Calgary, AB: May 23 – May 25
Edmonton, AB: May 25 – May 28
Saskatoon, SK: May 28 – May 29
Regina, SK: May 29 – May 31
Winnipeg, MB: May 31 – Jun 3
Lac Du Bonnet, MB: Jun 3 – Jun 4
Thunder Bay, ON: Jun 4 – Jun 7
Sudbury, ON: Jun 7 – Jun 8
Barrie, ON: Jun 8 forward

My full tour schedule is also available in Google Calendar format here.

Now Taking Bookings for the #2021CanadianCyborgTour

Izabella made the trip over to see me from Ottawa the other day and had her tongue fixed! Welcome to the lizard / snake army, friend! :)-<

I’m currently taking last minute bookings in Ontario until this Wednesday, then starting my next Canadian tour on Thursday from ON to BC and back.

I have limited appt slots left available for all types of advanced body modifications & precision piercing work in and near Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary, Kelowna, Vernon & Vancouver.

Email & lock your booking in before my availability runs out! This is my second last tour for 2021 leaving one final opportunity to catch me across Canada in October before hunkering down in Barrie with my team at Ninja Cyborg until April 2022. My number 1 sidekick and piercing ninja Amber Sunset will be covering my piercing shifts in Barrie while I’m on the road, so go put her to work & take advantage of her first Ontario guest spot to make her feel welcome! Tomorrow we’ll be announcing a big piercing and gold jewellery sale at Ninja Cyborg for the month of September during her visit!

I’ll have lots of high-end body jewellery in stock and a limited number of signed DVD’s for the epic documentary I produced: The People Who Suspend; filmed in 11 countries by Lukas K Larson & featuring his journey to Russia to experience a freefall suspension with Stanislav & the SINNER team [Moscow suspension crew].

Time waits for noone. Live your life to the fullest and enjoy the ride.

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The #2020CanadianCyborgTour is now live!

The #2020CanadianCyborgTour is now live!
Coast to Coast ~ Apr 15 – Jul 4 2020
Bookings/inquiries/pricing email:
Please copy link and share!

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Documentary – The People Who Suspend

The People Who Suspend is a visceral, epic and untold journey into the deepest levels of body suspension experiences and intentions from personal and simple to the most death defying.

Filmed in 11 countries, this documentary launches you deep through the experiences, hearts and minds of the people who suspend all over the world. Please check it out, share and support this amazing film project!

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Below Taken from The People Who Suspend Facebook Page

Here it is…

The official theatrical trailer is complete, and the film is available for purchase. Visit to order your DVD and you’ll get an access code to see the film on Vimeo right away. The DVD is loaded with bonus features and extended interviews, and all of those are being uploaded to Vimeo now, so you’ll be able to watch them in HD from any device or smart TV.

To win a free signed DVD, share this post publicly. Every 20 shares I’ll randomly select a winner. Share it as many times as you like to increase your chances of winning.

For a full update on the film check out the video I just posted on The People Who Suspend fan page and youtube.

The #2019CanadianFallCyborgTour is now live!

From BC to NFLD ~ Aug 25 – Nov 7 2019

Bookings/inquiries email:

Please share!

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The Long Awaited “The People Who Suspend” Documentary Has Been Released!

If you have suspended before, this documentary is an absolute must see.

If you have not suspended before, this documentary is still an absolute must see.

Seriously, check this out:

*Shared from The People Who Suspend*

The day has come. The film is now available for streaming. The DVDs will be produced soon, and big things are happening in the coming year. Hope you all can make it out to a film festival screening.

Please leave a review on Vimeo and click like so the algorithm doesn’t think you hated it. Unless you don’t like it, in which case, don’t tell anyone! 😉

I hope you like it.

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