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I currently offer an array of piercing and body modification services. The below piercing prices are procedural only and do not include jewellery cost or taxes. There is array of jewellery from several high quality suppliers to choose from. Consult the Jewellery galleries to see what is currently on offer and contact me for prices or alternative options.

Basic Body Piercing: upper or lower navel, eyebrow, nostril, helix, lip, tragus, conch, rook
Intermediate Body Piercing: septum, nipple, bridge, high nostril, antieyebrow, forward helix, antitragus, philtrum, vertical labret, tongue, smiley, daith
Advanced Body Piercing: snakebites, Industrial, snug, cheeks, lowbrets, dahlias, uvula 

Contact me via if you have questions or need further details on body modification services.

  • Basic Lobe Piercing (both) 40$
  • Basic Lobe PIercing (One) 25$
  • Basic Body Piercing 40$
  • Intermediate Body Piercing 60$
  • Advanced Body Piercing 80$
  • Microdermal anchors 80$
  • Surface Piercing 80$
  • Pocketing/Staples 80$
  • adult Piercing (Transurethral) 120$
  • adult Piercing (non-Transurethral) 100$