About Russ Foxx

Credentials, Titles & Roles:

-Founder/Acting Director & Piercing/Rigging Practitioner for The RISE Suspension Crew – Canada

-Co-Owner, Senior Body Piercer, Laser Tattoo Removal Technician @ Ninja Cyborg in Barrie, ON, Canada

-Canada’s Leading Nationwide Precision Body Piercing / Advanced Body Modification Specialist & International Touring Artist

-Educator & Speaker at Various Body Piercing, Body Modification, Body Suspension, Health & Safety Conferences & Conventions National & Worldwide

-Bio Hacker / Body Hacker, Maker, Inventor, Transhumanist, Cyborg, Global Viral Media Personality

-CEO for XPR Systems; Biotechnology Developments

Performance Artist, Sideshow & Freakshow Performer, MC

-Board Member for The Church of Body Modification & Wedding Officiant

-Principal & Background Actor, Set Consultant, Stunts, etc. in Film & Television

Work, Education, Public Speaking & Performance Availability & Future Travel Plans:

Keep an eye on my public travel schedule to see where I’m at and where I’m scheduled to be.

During the summer and winter months my home base is Ninja Cyborg Studio in Barrie, ON, Canada.

I’m available for bookings across Canada during my spring and fall Mod Tours and internationally upon request.

I frequently do international annual tours, guest visits and appearances to various countries including USA, Mexico, Germany, Sweden, Holland, the UK, Japan & more. Contact me by email to propose plans to have me include a visit to your country in my future travel plans.

Contact me for bookings or inquiries.