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Feature at La Demeure du Chaos – The Abode of Chaos

Colour me flattered!

Portrait of me on display at La Demeure du Chaos – The Abode of Chaos

17 Rue de la République, 69270 Saint-Romain-au-Mont-d’Or, France

“Portrait Russ Foxx-Body Modification, Piercing, Suspension & Performance Artist
The Many Portraits (1,800 since 1999) by La Demeure du Chaos-The Abode of Chaos, the HQ of @Artprice that is a place of constant creation of new portraits every week we many subjects: philosophy, geopolitics , science, Economics, politics, art history, the literary world, the art scene, movies, Alchemy, esotericism, religion, free electron, etc… the multiple portraits of @La remains from HQ chaos Artprice (1 800 since 1999) every week in perpetual creation of new portraits on multiple subjects: philosophy; Geo-po, science, Economics, politics, history of art, literary world, artistic scene, cinema, Alchemy, Esotericism, religion, free electron etc…”