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Will Covid-19 affect body modification bookings?

***If you are immuno-compromised or at higher risk in the event of exposure, please inform your artist in advance so that appropriate precautions can be taken and/or put in place for your safety.***

The following rules are dictated by local health authorities and required in order for me to be allowed to perform my job without risk of legal repercussions. I respect that some may feel that these precautions are more of an inconvenience than helpful, but I ask that you also respect that I do not make the rules and must follow them also.

All bookings will require a quick and easy Covid-19 Screening the day of and prior to arriving at your appt.

Link to the pre-appt Covid-19 Screening Questionnaire is found here.

As per health authority requirements, all clients must arrive to their appt wearing a mask or proper face covering for the safety of themselves and those around them and remain masked unless directed otherwise by the artist. Exceptions can be made in the case of approved medical exemptions and will require notice in advance as well as documented proof to support your exemption.

If you would like to bring another person to your appt for moral support or any other reason, you must contact me in advance to approve them. When approved, only 1 guest is permitted. All permitted attending individuals must complete Covid-19 screening prior to arrival and the same day as the booking.