How do deposits work?

All bookings require a 50% deposit in advance. This applies to bookings for all seminars, workshops, event registrations, performances, body modifications, suspensions, piercings, etc. Basically everything I do will require a deposit.

Deposits are non-refundable; but open-ended and transferable. This means that once your deposit is sent in, consider it locked in and committed. Only under rare & extreme circumstances will I consider making an exception to this firm rule. If this rare happenstance occurs, there will be a 10% processing fee deducted to cover transactional costs and financial inconveniences.

That said, please note that I am a very understanding and compassionate cyborg. I understand that life happens and sometimes this can conflict with your booking. Maybe your work schedule throws you a curveball which doesn’t cooperate with your booking. Maybe financial hardship hits you between the date of booking and waiting for your booking date. Maybe you’ve fallen ill near your booking date. Maybe you’ve had a change of heart about your modification choice and would prefer to apply your deposit to something else instead. Maybe another reason not listed occurred. In any of these cases, you must notify me as soon as possible to advise me of the details of your situation so I can assess the best possible route forward with the best interests of all parties involved in mind. If you fully change your mind and decide not to follow through with a deposited booking, you can let me know and sell it to someone else at my discretion.

So far in my whole career I have yet to forfeit anyone’s deposit for any reason. Appts that no-call, no-show cost me money and valuable time, as well as take away other people’s opportunities to have work done. Please give a minimum of 48 hours notice before your booking date/time to make any changes.

Deposits are absolutely necessary because:

-they are used to ensure all the necessary equipment and supplies needed for your booking are stocked in advance and ready for your appt.

-travel costs, gas, flights during tours and work trips need coverage.

-they ensure your commitment to your booking and ensure that you will show up for your appt.

-my time is valuable and limited.

If you would like to deposit and make a booking with me, contact me first to sort out the details and be sure I’m comfortable committing to your request prior to accepting your deposit. All bookings must forego initial screening and assessment before I’ll commit. This is necessary and done for your safety.