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Why a Cyborg?

Why We Become Cyborgs

We are a tribe of spiritual orphans. We have no roots in nationality, ethnicity, religion, or tradition of any kind. It doesn’t mean our parents didn’t try to raise us well. Some of us even got lucky, and had parents who were decent. But we have no roots. There is no history to draw on. We have no origin story. We are not made of mud, and we cannot dream of returning to dust.

How do we fight for our people, if we have no people? How do we defend our nation, when we are stateless? How do we maintain our traditions, when there are none to follow? We must build our own traditions. We must found our own state of being. We must find our people wherever they lurk.

Our tribe is building, and we’ll continue to adopt everyone who has a soft heart and wants to be part of it. We will create our own sigils, our own signs, our new language; and no matter who might try to co-opt them, or bastardize the beauty we wish to bring to bear on the world, nothing can dilute our love and compassion we have for each other, and even for those who would demonize us, and cast us as enemies.

We have no enemies. There are only allies we haven’t helped enough yet. We are your friends, if only you can see us.

Anyone who decides to build their self with intention is one of us. Anyone who chooses their own name, anyone who chooses their gender with intention or rejects the concept altogether, anyone who modifies their corporeal or spiritual self; anyone who has ever used a tool as an extension of their self, all of you might be siblings of ours, and we welcome you. We are siblings, because we are all of one generation; we do not birth one another, we are all self-created.

And if you haven’t done any of the above yet, and merely wish to, you also are one of us, and we will help you to strive to become the cyborg you wish to be. We will help you build the silicon to implant into your body, we will help you code the wetware to interface with your nervous system, we will help you change how your endocrine system functions, and we will help you hack your genetic code to become a new organism.

We are grateful you found us, for we have been waiting for you.

Welcome home.

-Dr. Mixæl Laufer