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Brit & Russ’ CyberPigeon Portal

Feb 18 2023: 4:54am



Once upon a time, on a fateful 4:30am winter pre-dawn, after you and I had both both been up for 24 hours straight, which coincidentally happened to be my final night in Ontario before I bwas to drive the long and treacherous trip back West to BC for the last time ever, which I totally made the best use of time by spending that evening with you, this portal to our own little secret corner of the internet was created just for you; with L0v3, by your friendly neighborhood horned cyborg, Russ <3.

Now you can scan your cute little NFC transponder (Near-field communication chip) that you and I so aptly named “CyberPigeon” to access this portal and check back here absolutely anytime you want; whether you want or need a smile, or if you miss me, or if you simply want to look back on some of our warm, fuzzy memories and brighten up your day! I hope that I will always be able to do that for you; and goddamnit I’ll always keep trying to do so!

-Russ (aka. DangeRUSS, aka. The Human Tacklebox, aka. Mitch’s Big Brother, aka. Captain Whizzer Whistle, aka. Guinness World Record Holder Extraordinnaire, aka. Mister Suuuuuuper Modest) 😉

<3 <3 <3

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